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Stalwood Construction, LLC is  a Custom Home Improvement Contractor who is  licensed and insured in the State of Georgia.  We  specialize in constructing additions, garages, carports, bathroom and kitchen renovations, and home improvement/maintenance in the Blue Ridge, Morganton, Blairsville, GA area.  In addition, we have in-house professional expertise in  drawing of house plans, drawing or redrawing of existing house plans and floor plans.  Our company's design capabilities are "client friendly", and it's our pleasure to help you customize your own unique style.  Stalwood has many references from satisfied customers that can testify to the company's performance and quality of work.

Click on the Gallery Tab for an in depth look at our featured homes, custom kitchen and bath renovations, carports, garages, and stone/tile work.  Also take a look at the Owner Site  Tab as our current projects unfold.

Featured Homes:

 The home below is a 5/3 post and beam construction.  This was a spec home and sold in 2009.


The home below is a 4/3,   post and beam construction.  It has a foam/concrete crawlspace.              This home is a 4/3.  Open loft to below and a large wrap-around porch       

The below home is vinyl sided. It has a large master bedroom suite with a large master bath and sitting room on 2nd floor.  The interior of this home is post and beam constructed. The home is a 3/21/2. This was a spec home and sold in 2005.


This project was a challenge, the site had to be blasted out of the mountain side. Five bdrm/3bath          Wrap-around porch with back side screened-in.  3/2


Below, the ultimate in framing.                                                                                                     This home has additions on 3 sides - kitchen, bath, bedroom, sun room, entryway


          New back deck and side entry way                                                                                        Addition - new entryway, bedroom and bath

Addition - new exterior stairs leading to kitchen and new bedroom              Addition and entry way, large eat-in kitchen


New home with log chinking, cedar shakes, bay window, post & beam construction


New home with a three car attached garage                          New deck with roof.  Roof installed high enough to let light through windows and door at cabin.


 Featured Kitchens:



Before and after below left                                                      Custom ceilings and cabinets in a modular home.                     Custom front door






Featured Bathrooms:






Below is a walk-in shower - no door required                                                                                                                                   Stand alone shower





Garages, Carports, and Barns:


Free standing pole carport                                                                                  Attached garage and driveway paving


Attached pole carport at side of home                                                        Attached pole carport at rear of home


Stone Work:



Miscellaneous Projects:




      Skylight install.

Redo stairs which were too steep                                                        Install covered deck                                               Install patio door where a window was.  This home had a brick exterior.


Install roof over entry door                                          Install wood flooring                                                         New front entryway for curb appeal


Pergola installed next to a 100 year old chimney               Stone fireplace in bedroom


Added stone work to front of home                     Proper chimney flashing where brick meets shingles                                 New deck, railings, and stairs to below


Installation of skylights - guaranteed not to leak                        Stone work installed at a see-through fireplace                                                                       Custom cabinetry


Maple flooring                                                                                                         Custom door with stained glass                                     Pine interiors


Custom stairs to finished basement.       These stairs were too steep with irregular risers, now they are to code


Stalwood is a computer savvy company and is up- to- date on information and media technology.  We maintain a current "owner web page".  This web page keeps clients informed with pictures and comments on a weekly basis so they can actually see the progress being made.  This helps our clients piece of mind  especially when they live hundreds of miles away.   Concerns can be addressed and decisions made in a timely manner.   When the contract is signed, client and Stalwood knows every detail concerning the project and how it will take place.

With the high cost of energy these days, energy efficient homes are becoming increasingly important.  Our cathedral ceilings are insulated with R-30 insulation and air shoots, 2 x 6 walls with R-19.  Good ventilation is also as important as insulation.  Without good ventilation, insulation becomes laden with moisture and is ineffective.  Stalwood Construction has been incorporating these building techniques and materials into every home, cabin, and addition/renovation we have built for over 30 years.

IMPORTANCE OF VENTING.   When your home is heated in the winter, that warm air collides with the cooler air outside - the same applies in the summer only in reverse.  The difference in temperatures creates moisture.  This moisture needs to escape so an airflow path needs to be created, in this case, notches were cut into the top of the rafters to provide a way for the moisture to escape and to keep the insulation dry.  In new homes air chutes are installed into many of the rafter bays to keep the air flowing so your insulation stays dry.  The moisture in this roof system below flowed until it could not go any farther - so that is the point where moisture collects and then leaks into the room below or down your sidewalls.  All our work is guaranteed.

  Please visit our Project pages to see a few of the custom homes and cabins we have designed and built in the North Georgia Mountains.  We have  homes and  cabins  for your inspection with permission from Owners.  We would like the opportunity to show you our work!                                                  

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